Saddle check

To have your saddle checked by one of our experts, you will need to go over a couple steps:

Step 1: Static check or dynamic check

Drunens Ruiterhuis offers two different kinds of saddle checks. The differences are listed below:

Static check
During a static check, the saddle will be check on the horse, in a stable or grooming spot. Based on this quick check, the saddle expert can determine wether or not the saddle should be altered of replaced. This kind of check is very suitable for people who have several horses. Mind that advice on the pillow filling cannot be given after a static check, because the saddle is not checked with the weight of the rider on it

Dynamic check
During a dynamic check of your saddle, the position of the saddle on the horse is checked. Our saddle expert will go over the way the horse is built and the influence this has on the different saddles. You will be asked to tack up your horse yourself, so that our saddle experts can give you advice if needed. After this fiirst pary of the check, you will be asked to ride your horse in a walking pace, trot and canter, on the right hand as well as on the left hand. The saddle expert will check the position of the saddle, the stitching and the pillow filling. He will also go over your posture on the horse and why he would recommend a certain saddle. 

Step 2: Location
A saddle check can be done at the stable where your horse is, or at our private stable: De Hoge Heide in Drunen. 

Saddle check at De Hoge Heide, Drunen:

Having your saddle check at De Hoge Heide has several advantages:

  • The are no other riders at De Hoge Heide, so you will be able to take your time and ride freely.
  • De Hoge Heide is very close to the Drunens Ruiterhuis store. You will be able to go shopping after your check. For examle, you may find stirrupleathers and a girth that fit your ew saddle!
  • De Hoge Heide has an indoor riding area. In bad weather, you will still be able to have a proper check of your saddle.

The saddle check procedure will be the same at De Hoge Heide, as it would be at your own stables.

Step 3: Making an appointment

To make an appointmet with our saddle experts, feel free to contact Drunens Ruiterhuis via, or call 0416 373782.

Our saddle experts are available on the following days and times:

  • Tuesday to Thursday       9.00u tot 18.00u
  • Friday                            9.00u tot 20.00u
  • Saturday                        9.00u tot 17.00u

Prized for a saddle check*


Static check

Dynamic check

At any chosen location

At stable De Hoge Heide

 Costs for the saddle check


 € 25,-



Call-out costs


An appointment that fits in our saddle experts' agenda (on his route)



€ 50,-

€ 25,-

An appointment for which our saddle experts have to drive out to an area where they normally wouldnt need to be



€ 50,- + € 1,- per km > 50 km

€ 25,-

* You can pay in cash or use our wireless pin terminal