Drunens Ruiterhuis' workplace consists of:

  • Saddlery
  • Bootmaking office
  • Sewing shop
  • Shop for minor repairs
  • Embroidery shop
  • Laundromat for blankets etc.

Additional service

Drunens Ruiterhuis offers a variety of additional services. In our workplace, it is possible to have diferent kinds of tack altered or repaired. Minor repairs are done by hand in the Drunens Ruiterhuis workplace.

In most cases, tack can be altered or repaired within a few days. To make sure that we can proces your products as fast as possible, we recommend that you make an appointment for our workplace.

To make an appointment for out workplace, feel free to contact Drunens Ruiterhuis via 0416 373782, or send an email to